About us

Peaches & Cream Weddings is a wedding planning agency that aims to create, with you the wedding you’ve always wanted, while enjoying the planning process! We will put our expertise and competence at the service of your event, and assemble together the pieces of this unique puzzle that is your wedding.

We are dedicated to pampering our couples so they can enjoy the journey that is the planning of a wedding. We will strive for you to feel like your wedding has been such a smooth and relaxed experience, you would sign up and do it all over again in a heartbeat, the Peaches & Cream way! Your wedding day itself will be a moment in time that you and your guests will gush about for years to come.

We cover the South West of France, as well as Paris, Provence, Loire Valley, and can travel all over France!

Amy Fear

Amy is from the little town of Tiverton in England and moved to South West France with her parents at the age of 9 where she has been based ever since and without a doubt now calls home! With her background of psychology studies, working with people is definitely her thing… Building a trustful relationship with her couples and suppliers is her number one priority.

Laurence Beal

Laurence was born in the Loire Valley. She studied in Tours before moving to the USA for a few years to continue her university curriculum, and has now been living in Paris for the past 8 years. She finds her passion in creating a true connection with people which allows for a real collaboration. She is also a formidable mediator. Laurence enjoys dancing, you might see her bust a few smooth moves after midnight, while passing around cups of water to the most festive of your guests.

Amy et Laurence

Amy and Laurence

Amy and Laurence met at a particular wedding Laurence was coordinating, where she needed a team-mate: someone reliable, capable of handling important production tasks, so she could focus on customer service. Amy was the perfect fit and they both hit it off from the start. It appears there really is nothing like a wedding to bring people together, and they have been friends and partners in crime ever since! Their collaboration has created the most successful weddings and memories not only for their couples, but also for their trusted suppliers.

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