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Peaches & Cream Weddings is a wedding planning agency that aims in creating with you the wedding you’ve always wanted, while enjoying the planning process! We will put our expertise and competence at the service of your event, and assemble together the pieces of this unique puzzle that is your wedding.

Pampering our couples so they can enjoy the journey that is the planning of a wedding is what we are dedicated to do. We will strive for you to feel like your wedding has been such a smooth and relaxed experience, you would sign up and do it all over again in a heartbeat, the Peaches & Cream way. Your wedding day itself will be a moment in time that you and your guests will gush about for years to come.

We cover the South West of France, as well as Paris, Provence, Loire Valley, and can travel all over France!

About us


I wanted to say, very clearly and once more, thank you. You have given us a gift whose value is impossible to quantify. We had the most perfect wedding we could have asked for and this would have been impossible without you. We are still amazed by how incredibly well you managed the contingencies of the day, which run so smoothly for all of us, despite the perfect storm!

Everything was perfect and it was as if you had read our minds on exactly what we wanted. There was NOTHING we would have chosen differently. Your work was truly incredible.

J and D


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