“Peaches & Cream is a wedding planning agency. Available throughout France, our adventurous approach is designed to allow clients to have the time of their lives! ”


Wedding Planning

We believe that wedding planning is a collaboration of ideas, and we are excited to find ways to execute them. From the ceremony to the feast along with the party, we want to use our skills to help create amazing memories, and the how to logistically make them happen.


Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat: We can also help you style your wedding: lighting, props, decor... Some might call them ‘stuff from the attic’, we call them treasures! We know where and how to source props for your wedding. And if we don’t, well, we will find a way!


Because you can’t be in 2 places at once...: It is that one day in your life where time simply flies by. Whilst you’re getting your hair and make-up done, your family is expecting you to give them all the attention, and you haven’t finished writing your vows..

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