A and K

We both want to thank you sincerely for the bottom of our hearts for helping us in creating what was easily the best day of our lives. As our wedding planner you were basically the control centre for everything coming together, working and functioning on our day and we couldn’t thank you enough for the success our wedding was. Thank you for all your efforts and for being a true “teammate” in this process, someone we could trust from day one in navigating through this complicated wedding planning process, to ping pong our many ideas to and to bring us back to earth when we needed. Someone to ask the right questions in viewings and in speaking to vendors and to truly have our back. Thank you for baring with us through all the 500+ (!!) email correspondence, meetings we had together, phone calls and texts. For being not only an awesome wedding planner but an awesome person to be around during the pre-wedding stress. On the day of our wedding everything that we worked hard on for all these months truly came together and was made better than anything we anticipated (though we did have high hopes to begin with- it was much, much better). Thank you for bringing our vision to life and working with us to create that vision in the first place. For your dedication, patience and love of your craft- it showed. Our wedding was a huge success according to all our guests (who still rave about it to this day, daily) – clearly without you, we couldn’t have accomplished any of that.

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